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Burnsville, MN, cable customers are making the switch to DIRECTV

If you are tired of feeling like your cable company is taking advantage of you, you are not alone. Your Burnsville neighbors can probably attest to the fact that they too felt duped until they switched to DIRECTV.

For more than a decade, DIRECTV has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among the largest national cable & satellite TV providers, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Not only is DIRECTV committed to ensuring a positive customer experience, DIRECTV strives to be number one in all aspects of what it does. From sports entertainment to world-wide access, DIRECTV is the TV service provider that delivers.

America’s #1 satellite television service provider is now available in 100% of U.S. homes. Call a representative today to learn how you can get worry-free signal reliability and the most full-time HD channels around to maximize your home entertainment experience.

Sure, “cable TV” is a standard term, but don't think your favorite features come standard with any given cable company. You want a heavy-duty DVR to record Cable TV in Eagan? Cable TV in Farmington Hills can't give you your fair share of HD channels? Or, maybe you just can't seem to get a human operator when you call Cable TV in Midland? We've all dealt with cable companies, which is why no matter if you want Cable TV in Novi or Cable TV in Rochester it makes sense to know your options. Call today to learn more about industry-leading TV service across the country - and finally kiss your current cable guys goodbye!

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